CISGE, the Centro Italiano per gli Studi Storico-Geografici, is a non-profit cultural association for scholars, researchers, and all those interested in historical-geographical matters, with a particular focus on cartographical history, on historical geography, on the history of voyages and explorations, and to applied geo-historical sources (Directors and sections).
The Center was founded i on July 15, 1992, in the wake of the International Exhibition honoring Columbus that year. Its headquarters now is at the Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici dell’Università Roma Tre, in Rome (Contacts). Membership is free and open to all those who compile a request form and are interested in the association’s activities (Statute; How to join).
In the years since its creation, through seminars and meetings, study events, research groups, and national and international projects, CISGE has taken an active part in scientific debate in Italy, as is demonstrated by the list of events it has participated in (Scientific activities) and the publications issued both through its periodical «Geostorie» and the reports and monographs it has brought out (Publications). On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, for example, the association summed up the work accomplished, the state of geo-historical studies, and their prospects in the future.
Its network of scientific collaboration has broadened through time and makes it possible to guarantee constant dissemination of updated information concerning scholarly events and meetings both in Italy and in other European countries.