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«Geostorie. Bollettino e Notiziario del Centro Italiano per gli Studi Storico-Geografici»
ISSN: 1593-4578

Editor in chief
Annalisa D’Ascenzo

Editorial board
Annalisa D’Ascenzo, Arturo Gallia, Carla Masetti

Scientific commitee
Jean-Marc Besse, Claudio Cerreti, Annalisa D’Ascenzo, Elena Dai Prà, Anna Guarducci, Evangelos Livieratos, Carla Masetti, Lucia Masotti, Carme Montaner, Paola Pressenda, Massimo Rossi, Luisa Spagnoli, Charles Watkins


From the edition 1-2 of 2000, and with this name, Geostorie replaces «Notiziario del Centro Italiano per gli Studi Storico-Geografici», which began publishing with edition 0 in 1992. The periodical is included in the list of scientific publications valid for the purposes of the Valutazione Scientifica Nazionale and, along with its acceptance of members’ contributions, Geostorie provides information about the initiatives promoted by CISGE.

To favor dissemination of the periodical, in respect of one of the criteria used by Anvur for the certification of scientific periodicals, many recent editions of Geostorie have been made available online through Open Access with registration. For each edition, it is possible to see the table of context, the notes, and bibliographical reviews (downloadable also in pdf).

Editor in chief
Annalisa D’Ascenzo

Editorial board
Annalisa D’Ascenzo, Arturo Gallia, Carla Masetti.

Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici – Università Roma Tre
Via Ostiense, 234 – 00144 Roma
e-mail: redazione [at] cisge.it

Members are invited to collaborate in bringing out Geostorie by publishing articles, bibliographies, reports or through reports on initiatives (conferences, exhibitions, and so forth), bibliographical news and reviews.
Contributions are not paid for and the submission of articles implies acceptance of the rules governing their publication (see Editorial guidelines). Authors are responsible for articles’ contents , images and eventual copyrights.
In choosing contents for the periodical, membership or lack of membership in the Center may be taken into consideration.
Texts accepted for Geostorie in the section for articles are submitted to prior readings by external revisers following the double-blind peer review criteria. After this review, the comments are sent anonymously to the author or authors who will evaluate the eventual corrections or changes requested. In case of positive judgments or limited alterations, the author or authors will prepare the definitive text (including all the elements requested) following the standard norms, sending it back to the editorial board in Word format. Further drafts are sent to the board in pdf format for the final verification. The author or authors of each article will receive the pdf of the article, and a copy of the periodical will be sent to the address given. For any clarification, those interested are invited to contact the editorial board (redazione@cisge.it).

Norme redazionali

The quarterly review Geostorie is sent to members who have paid their yearly dues (€40; €20 for students and young scholars not yet working in an institution). Come associarsi and Modalità di associazione e quote. Single available back issues cost €15, double issues €30, and the annual issue €45.